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Module 1 :- PHP 5.6

What is a website, what is a webpage, difference between static and dynamic page, what you mean by front end development and backend development? Installation of local server to your pc, getting starup with wamp xampp interfaces, know about phpmyadmin service in wamp.

Module 1 :- PHP 5.6


HTML 5,Basic Tags,Implement Hyperlink, Image, Table, List Tags,creating video and audio elements for media playback,Implement content-specific elements article, footer, header, nav, section, working with controls- calendar, date, time, email,Working with Form Elements,Use Input Controls TextBox, Password, TextArea, ComboBox, Radio Button, CheckBox and Button


Define JavaScript,Create and Manipulate Variables,Implement Functions,Learn how to use JavaScript Events, Developing Popup Boxes,Learn how to Implement Form Validation


Define CSS3,Create Selectors,Use Box Model,Implement Backgrounds and Borders,Use Text effects, Implementing Animations,Working with Multiple Columns,Explore User Interface


Install and Configure WAMP on Windows,Install and Configure XAAMP on Linux,Install and Configure Web Editor Tool,Manage WAMP control panel


Intro,Basic PHP Syntax,Working with Operators,Working with Control Structures,Working with Loop Structures


Create Single-Dimensional, Multidimensional and Associative Arrays,Accessing and Getting size of Arrays, Looping through Arrays,Working with Array Functions,Working with String Functions

Working with Forms

Forms with GET and POST,Implementing Super Global Array,Combine HTML and PHP code,A Script to Access User Input,File Upload and Scripts

Web Features

Redirecting Users to other pages,Use header function,Sending an email

Session and Cookies

How Sessions work,Working with Session Variables,Creating and Deleting Cookies,Working with the Query String

Object Oriented Programming

Class and Object,Constructors and Destructors,Working with Inheritance,Working with Abstract Class and Interface,Working with Class Constants,Working with Access Specifiers,Working with Static and Final Working with Exception Handling

Working with Database

What is RDBMS and MYSQL,Connecting to MYSQL,Create Database and Table,Insert, Update and Delete Data Working with Select Queries,Working with Constraints,Working with Aggregate Functions,Working with Group by and Order by,Working with Join and Sub query,Working with Prepared Statement,Import and Export Database

PHP- MYSQL Integration

PHP-MYSQL Integration Functions,Create a database application using PHP, Working with Login and Registration Applications

IXML and Web services

Overview of XML,Working with Simple XML,Using Xpath,Creating and Consuming Web services

AJAX and JQuery

Overview of AJAX,Working with AJAX Libraries,Developing Ajax Applications,Overview of JQuery, Working with JQuery Libraries,Dynamic Data using JQuery

Advanced PHP

Define Mvc , expansion of MVC AND CMS getting started with MVC frameworks such as codignatior, Yii CMS Framework joomla,wordpress (Advanced learning tutorial will be provided for students) Getting started with codignator, navigation and routing, setting up for development, sample demo project, (Advanced learning tutorial will be provided for students) Getting started with Yii and installation Routing And Navigation Demo App with database connection (Advanced learning tutorial will be provided for students)