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We Do Much More Than Just Programming, We Bring Your Business Vision & Dreams To Life. Our Professionals Are Seasoned Enough To Grasp Your Requirements Well, Offer A Comprehensive Solution And Convert Your Needs Into a Working Solution.

We Are Dedicated, Professional & Experienced Web Experts Who Undergo Regular Trainings To Keep Our People Updated With Changing Web-technologies And Trends. We Have Well Organized Approach To Get Maximum Productivity. Together You Get– Lowered Costs, Professionals Working for you, Quick Turn Around Time and no mental hassle of managing & administering in-house division.


Auto Wings is a Dubai based garage is a complete solution for all levels of vehicle maintenance. They were covered from the daily routine maintenance to major repairs of vehicles.

The Super Oasis Hair Salon are in the business of offering the highest possible professional hair care and service, in a warm and friendly, family-oriented environment.

Parental dog training centre are focusing mainly on training and rehabilitation of dogs. Their vision is to train and share knowledge to make the dog best life time companion.

Welcome to femme Chic, your number one source for all trendy ladies dresses and accessories. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of ladies products with a focus on 3 characteristics, i.e. dependability, customer service and uniqueness. The boutique started business on July 2018 and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the fashion industry. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

RITS with its past domain and technology expertise, will bring in innovative ideas and offer solution to improve the existing functionality, address the current pain areas and technology limitations. The solution offered will be scalable to meet future business growth and make it accessible to external stakeholders.RITS offers Application Integration Services where the customer wants to protect the existing IT investment yet wants to leverage the network and web technologies to be competitive in the market, reduce operational costs and improve the customer service.

DESIGN & BUILD CONSTRUCTION The emergency services are the public organizations whose job is to take quick action. INTERIOR DESIGNING & EXECUTION Pre-construction services grew out of construction cost estimating to encompass the other activities in planning a project. MAINTENANCE REALTED WORKS Construction managers oversee specialized contractors and other personnel BUILDING RENOVATION WORKD A remodel will include changing the use of a space. A remodel is altering the structure and style of a space and completely transforming it.

Sincero - The automobile industry is in the centre of a huge technological interference. Today, electric is the preferred choice because of its built-in efficiency that will shape urban commute and the cities of tomorrow. In parallel, the world around us is getting connected, authorize combination of devices and making our life experiences seamless. Intelligent vehicles will transform our commute experience in the future”.Sincero E-Vehicles is led by a team of young, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals from varied spheres of industries with a passion of creating an eco-friendly environment with customer centric spirit. With diversified interests in various sectors we are driven by the passion of enhancing customer’s values and not just catering to their needs but to bring in solutions for the betterment of the society, pollution free environment and controlling costs. Sincero is the Kerala’s leading provider of smart urban mobility category- Smart Electric Scooter’s, Electric Cycle’s and Electric Auto’s to redefine urban mobility with its core team. Sincero currently sells high performance smart E-Scooter’s & E-Cycle’s and streamlined product portfolio consisting of four series with multiple models and specification for direct to consumer, delivery and sharing markets. Presently we have E-Cycle, E-Scooter and E-Auto and looking forward for E-Car. Compare to other traditional E-Vehicles our vehicle comes with new technology. Opening shortly our 2 more new Trivandrum showroom’s at Nilamel and Kazhakuttam and our future showroom’s will be opened in all over Kerala.

What is Swaym LIVE & Interesting, Best Teachers, Convenient Timing, Personalized Digital Learning If you are looking for an engaging digital learning for your kid at your convenience, then we are here to offer the same. Swaym completes all tutoring needs for your kid. Experienced & Highly qualified teachers Well organised batches Continues monitoring & Reporting 100+ happy students Grade Improvement Feedback system for improving quality Seperate login for student & parent Live and Interactive

Welcome to CHC thrikkadavoor. We understand that access to proper Healthcare, is the fundamental right of every individual and that it is our duty to provide the same. Community Health Centre emerged as the primary care centre, consummating the most successful CHCs in Kollam. The OutPatient department is staffed by eminent doctors who have a efficient team approach in the urge of complicated cases. Community participation is recognized as a major component in the approach to the whole system of healthcare treatment, promotion and prevention. The department offers array of services from treating simple fevers to complicated clinical conditions requiring consolidated attention and referral to proper specialty if required. .The concern of the institution towards high quality standards and patient satisfaction has played a very important role in leaping towards this dramatic success.

Official Job Recruiter for Nyeste Venture Technologies Pvt Ltd.

NO WAITING APP is powered by BookmyOPticket, a web and mobile platform. With it one can instantly book hospital OPD online, or book doctor appointment online in a few clicks. It assists patients to explore large list of hospitals and doctors, and then find the best doctors in India and book their appointments with them -Online. No more worries of leaving the comfort of your home to take tokens and then wait for hours in a queue to see the doctor. Find doctors by their department, Location or by nearest Hospitals. If you’re confused about which department to choose, tell us your symptoms or disease, we will help you in finding the right doctor for your need. The service also gives patients the flexibility to pen down the reviews about doctors they have visited and make them available for others to read.