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What is cloud computing,6 advantages and keyBenifits of Cloud computing, Types of cloud computing, Cloud products and services, Choosing cloud platform,Security,Identity and access management, Global infrastructure,Compute,Storage,Content distribution,Database,Application Service, Management tools, Developer tools,Support,Integration with existing infrastructure, A home for all data, Training and certification.

Elastic compute cloud

Creating and launching server, 7 step install process, what is a Ami?, instance configuration, security group, vpc settings, meaning of key pair value, use of key pair value, remote desktop, ssh tools, install windows server, access windows server, create linux server, access linux server with ssh tool.

Assignment: create a web application in ec2 instances.

Ec2 container service

What is amazon Ecs? Docker basics, creating a cluster, Scaling cluster, deleting a cluster, Using ecs cli, Using the aws cli, troubleshooting.

Amazon lightsale

What is Amazon lightsail? , get started, DNS zone, Domain, WordPress, Linux, Windows, static IP, snapsot, 403 Error access to lightsale

Aws elastic beanstalk

What is amazon elastic beanstalk? , aws elastic beanstalk benefits, products, pricing, getting started,

Auto scaling

What is auto scaling? Features and benefits, monitoring and heath of running instances, automatically replacing impaired instances, balancing capacity across Availability Zones. Dynamic Scale your Amazon ec2 feet, Application auto-scaling.

Amazon s3

What is amazon s3, getting started with amazon simple storage service, signup for amazon s3, create a bucket, add an object to a bucket, view an object, move an object, delete an object and bucket, delete a bucket.

Amazon EBS

What is Amazon elastic block storage, features of amazon EBS, amazon EBS volume, amazon EBS snapshot, amazon EBS-optimized instances? Amazon EBS encryption, amazon cloud watch events for amazon EBS.

Amazon EFS

What is amazon efs, efs pricing, creating resources for amazon efs, managing a file system, mounting a file system, security limits authorization and access control.

Amazon glacier

What is amazon Glacier, what is amazon glacier, getting started, working with vaults, working with archives?

Aws snowball

What is aws snowball Appliance, Snowball features, prerequisites for using aws snowball, tools and interfaces, services related to amazon snowball, pricing.


What is amazon relational database service, overview of amazon RDS, DB instances, regions and availability zones, security, monitoring an amazon RDS DB instances, amazon RDS interfaces, backing up and Restoring, using amazon RDS with Amazon VPC, storage, amazon Aurora, working with Aurora MySQL, Working with Aurora PostgreSQL, limits, troubleshooting

Aws database migration service.

What is amazon database migration, migration planning for amazon database migration service?

  • Aws application discovery service
  • Aws migration hub.


Amazon vpc

Create a vpc, create a security group, Launch instance in your vpc, assign elastic IP address to your VPC, cleanup your vpc

Amazon cloudfront

What is cloudfront, how cloud front delivers content, AWS billing and usage reports for cloudfront, cloudfront reports, working with web distributions, working with objects, serving private content through cloudfront , Authentication And access Control.

Amazon route53

What is amazon route53, register domain names, how internet traffic is routed to your website or web application, amazon route53 concepts, how to get started with amazon route53, accessing amazon route53, amazon route53 pricing, troubleshooting.

Amazon directconnect

What is amazon directconnect, accessing a remote AWS region, getting started, connections, virtual interfaces, using IAM, using Tags?, monitoring connection, troubleshooting

Elastic load balancing

What is elastic load balancing, how elastic load balancing works, getting started, authentication and access control, migrate


Aws codestar

What is codestar, setting up, project template, working with projects, working with teams, working with your aws codestar profile?, limits, troubleshooting,


What is codecommit, setting up, getting started, products and service integration, working with repositories, references by amazon docs.


Amazon cloudwatch

What is cloudwatch, how cloud watch works, concepts, limits, getting started, accessing cloud watch, using dashboards, using metrics, creating alarms, authentication and access control, related Aws services.

Cloud formation

What is cloud formation, aws cloud formation concepts, how does aws cloud formation works, setting up, getting started, best practices, working with stacks, and working with templates.

Trusted Advisor

Getting started with aws support, about the aws support Api, programming the life of an aws support case, using trusted Advisor as a web service, logging aws support Api calls with aws cloudtrail, monitoring trusted Advisor with cloudwatch events and cloudwatch,

Aws personal health dashboard

What is Aws Health? , Are you a first time aws health user? , supported operations in aws health, accessing the aws health API, getting started with aws health API, controlling access, monitoring aws health events with cloudwatch events,

Amazon cli

What is aws cli, install, configure, tutorial using amazon ec2, using aws cli, working with services.


Amazon IAM

IAM introduction, IAM features, accessing IAM, understanding how IAM works, overview: users, overview: permissions and policies, security Features, security features outside of the IAM, Getting Setup, Getting Started, tutorials, IAM controls and sign-in page, identities, access management, troubleshooting with iam.

Amazon inspector

What is amazon inspector, amazon inspector service and limit, amazon inspector supported operating system and regions, amazon inspector qwickstart walkthrough- amazon Linux, amazon inspector walkthrough Ubuntu server, amazon inspector agents,

Aws certificate manager

What is amazon certificate manager, concepts, ACM certificate characteristics, Supported regions, integrated service, site seals and trust logos, limit, best practices, pricing.

Directory service

Aws organizations

What is aws organizations, getting started with aws organization, creating and managing Organizations? Managing OUs and policies, integrating organizations, authentication and access control.

Aws waf

What is AWS how Aws waf works, aws waf pricing, getting started with aws waf, tutorials, aws waf limits.


AMAZON Artificial Intelligence

  • AWS IoT

Mobile Service

  • Amazon mobile hub
  • Amazon cognito
  • Aws mobile sdk
  • SNS
  • SES
  • SQS